D & O Crane offers a wide range of intra and interstate transport services to our customers. These services include heavy equipment transport , large tree and boulder movement, local transport of spas and sheds, and scrap metal hauling just to name a few.

Our transport drivers have years of experience and are MSHA qualified for Part 48 & 46 mine operations as well as Rigger qualified per OSHA standards. We look forward to supporting your transport requirements.

35 Ton – 5 Axle (Low Bed)

19’ Well  Length  x  8’ Wide x 2’ Loaded Deck Height
Maximum Load Weight: 53,000 lbs

50 Ton -  6 Axle  (Single Drop)

31’10” Bed  Length  x  7’11” Wide x 3’ Loaded Deck Height

Maximum Cargo Weight: 58,000 lbs

 60 Ton - 8 Axle  (Low-Bed Jeep combination)

24’ Well Length x 10’ Wide x 2’ Load Deck Height

Additional 12 feet above well over Booster

Additional 13 feet above well over the Neck

Maximum Cargo Weight: 110,000

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